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The Asylum

Where the deranged and the clueless roam free...

15 October
Well here it is, my little place to ramble. As far as rambling about me there isn't much to tell. I'm a mom and wife. Ask anyone that knows me and you'll discover I'm a slash fan. I started with TFATF and branched out to Highlander, The Sentinel and now it basically encompasses anything I can find with Vin Diesel or other suitable eye candy. I swear if I could find a story with Duncan, Methos, Jim, Blair, Dom, Brian, Vince, Taylor, Matty, Angel/Angelus, Spike and Brian from QaF...I'd probably never leave the house again. I'd just sit here and read and drool and re-read and drool and ...sorry, where was I?

I don't do much in this journal except comment on life, the odd fanfic rec here or there, watch and rec movies and listen and rec music (are we sensing a theme here?). The commenting on life part is just to prove to some disbelievers that I have one. Namely me. Don't ask me about politics because mine don't make much sense. Even my husband doesn't discuss that subject with me so that should tell you something. Religion is pretty much the same. You don't step on my toes and I'll damn sure try not to step on yours.